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Where's my product?
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In this table you will find the right "Product Category" for your "Product"

Product Category
DTM software platform

Local DTM, DTM Core, DTM IC, DTM Suite, DTM Intouch, Field Trace, AGRINIR Trace


DG family, NIR Onboard, Geopreader, Geosprayer, Intouch, Taurus family, Field scale, Stad family, Compactor scale, Mix made, DG-WT2, Topscale family, Winscale family

Load cells

Any load cell

Junction boxes & cables

Compression load cell, DG-P, Flat, Mobile, PIN, Spindle, Strain sensor, Towing eye,

NIR sensors

X-NIR, Evo NIR, AgriNIR, Tomato family, Visiomix, NIR Evolution software,


Weight Repeater, CAB Display, Winet modem, Printer, Dinatel 3, Dinatel 3 App, Easy control 2, IPCom, 3G Modem, IPcom, WiFi antennas, Dinatel 2, Dinacom, Dinapalm, Smart control 2

Ticketing system

any issue related to this ticketing system

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